As one of my first projects in the Creative Studio, I worked on "Your Starbucks Blend", a year in review experience for Starbucks Rewards members. 
This experience invited Starbucks Rewards members to explore their unique Starbucks Blend and receive their very own "Coffee Card", a piece of custom digital art based on their 2023 data. As their blend unfolds, the Persona name is revealed, tying the card together. The finished art is celebratory, ownable and shareable - a fun representation of the past year that builds excitement for the year ahead.  

Creative Director: Gary Jacobson 
Assistant Creative Director: Luis Infante 
Lead Art Director: London Dewey 
Writer: Maria McNamara
Project Manager: Tricia Fleischer
For this project, I was responsible for designing and illustrating the hero artwork for each of the 6 personas, as well as hand letting the names of each of those personas. The goal of these 6 different pieces of art was to create an abstract visual representation of each persona, and support that visual with corresponding typography. Using the bright color palette, I created these surreal illustrations, with playful shapes, and using contrasting colors to add unique shading and texture, creating a fun 3D effect. 
The final product in this experience is a personalized card with graphics that reflect the Starbucks Rewards users's habits from the previous year. Each asset within the coffee card is based on a specific data point. The card frame is based on the number of transactions made, the type container is based on the users favorite drink category. The graphics in the bottom corner represent the users favorite drink and food item from the year. The icon at the top of the card represents the time of day the customer ordered most, and the stars indicate the number of stars earned in the Starbucks app throughout the year. The persona name and corresponding graphic are based on the overall habits of the customer from that year. 
Visual moodboard created in the initial stages of the design process to guide out visual tone and keep the experience cohesive with the Starbucks brand, while also feeling fun and exciting. 
*Some work above is used strictly for inspiration purposes only, and was not created by the Starbucks Global Creative Studio. 
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