Daniel Geiszler - Creative Direction, Motion Design Lead + Photography
Charlotte Offin - Creative Direction + Print Design Lead
Kayshawn Mounarath - Video + Photography

The objective is to produce a compelling promotional video showcasing Nike ACG, along with supplementary social media spot animations, static posts, and print marketing materials.
1. Long video: A captivating promotional video ranging from 30 seconds to 1 minute in length, highlighting the key features and benefits of Nike ACG.
2. Social media spot animations: Engaging and attention-grabbing short animations tailored for social media platforms, creating buzz and driving interest in Nike ACG.
3. Static graphics: Visually appealing static posts designed for social media platforms, effectively conveying the brand's message and captivating the target audience.
4. Catalog spreads: Professionally crafted print marketing materials featuring Nike ACG, showcasing its product range, features, and aesthetics in an enticing and informative manner.
"One _____, All Conditions" 
The video starts with two models in Nike ACG gear hiking through a dense forest in Deception Pass, surrounded by trees. The models move at a steady pace, taking in the beauty of nature around them. As they continue their journey, the pace of the video picks up as they travel across rockier terrain and run along the beach. Their Nike ACG gear keeps them comfortable and free in these environments. The video ends with the models reaching a picturesque field atop the ocean, where they finish their journey and share laughs over some snacks. The print campaign can feature close-up shots of the gear, highlighting its durability and versatility in all conditions.
Shoot day at Deception Pass State Park 
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