Develop and design a compelling brand for a yarn company that specializes in providing a subscription service for fiber arts enthusiasts.

Introducing Easy Tiger, the ultimate yarn brand catering to the stylish and creative crochet lovers. With a subscription-based service that delivers yarn directly to your doorstep, Easy Tiger provides an extensive range of knitting and crochet patterns, along with a diverse collection of sustainable and recycled yarn options.
In addition to offering essential tools and materials for knitting and crochet, Easy Tiger is dedicated to fostering a vibrant online community of passionate knitters and crocheters. Together, we'll support and inspire each other on our creative journeys. 
“Not your Grandma’s Crochet” 
While envisioning the target audience for this brand, my aim was to create a design that would truly connect with the younger generation of fiber artists. It's remarkable how many young women, myself included, delved into the realms of crochet and knitting during the peak of the pandemic, thanks to its viral popularity on social media.
With this in mind, my goal was to craft a yarn brand specifically tailored to this vibrant audience, while breaking the stereotype that fiber arts are solely associated with our beloved grandmothers. My objective was to showcase the cool and contemporary side of fiber arts, highlighting their relevance and appeal to the modern world.

Phase 01:
The journey started with a series of exploration sketches, drawing inspiration from classic art as a reference point for depicting the tiger icon.
Phase 02:
I initially pursued a direction that aimed for a more realistic portrayal of the tiger. However, upon reflection, I realized that this style failed to capture the desired vibe I was seeking. Consequently, I decided to abandon it and return to my initial ideation sketches.
Phase 03:
Finally, after further exploration, I discovered my ultimate direction. This involved developing a unique and unconventional tiger style, imbued with a quirky and funky aesthetic that perfectly conveyed the brand's edginess and inherent "cool" factor.
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